Tournament days – important information:

If you are a Club Member, who does not want to play in the tournament – remember you have the exclusive right, to book tee times before and after the tournament.

Our goal was to reserve external tournaments and organize ours in such a way that they would have the least impact on the availability of the course for Club Members. This means that whenever possible, we start tournaments very early – to open them to Club Members as soon as possible, or we start the tournament as late as possible – so that a large number of players will play before the tournament.

In the case of Club “Fun Tournaments” club members have the right to book a flash in the tournament or outside it.

The Beginner Tournament Calendar and the League schedule will be published separately



24 Saturday Tee off  11:00 open Runda Pucharu Łodzi Registration
25 Sunday Tee off  08:00 open Season Opening Round Rejestracja
7-9 Friday – Sunday Tee off 8:00 open Mistrzostwa Regionów PZG  Registration
13 Thursday Tee off 10:30 seniors Senior Tour Registration
15-16 Saturday- Sunday Tee off 11:00 ladies Warsaw OPEN Ladies Golf Cup Registration
28 Friday Tee off 09:00 open 20th Annual Eurobuild CEE Tournament  Registration
5 Saturday open Hickory Championship  &  „The Classic”
6 Sunday Tee off 09:00 open Polish Masters elimination Rejestracja
11 Friday Tee off 11:00 couples Husband & Wife Registration
12 Saturday Tee off 11:00 ladies Mistrzostwa Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Golfa Kobiet Registration
13 Sunday Shot Gun 12:00 open Cheese & Wine Registration
19-20 Saturday- Sunday Tee off juniors Audi Junior Tour Registration
21 Monday Tee off 09:00 open Equinox  / two rounds one day !/ Registration
29 Tuesday Tee off 10:30 seniors Senior Tour Registration
4 Saturday open 4th July „ All American” Registration
9-11 Friday- Sunday Tee off 8:00 open  PZG Polsih Seniors Championship  Regitsration
13 Tuesday open Bastile Day Registration
18 Sunday Tee off 11:00 ladies Sexi GLOW Glamour CUP Registration
24 Saturday Tee off 8:00 open World Amateur Golfers Championship Registration
7 Saturday Shot Gun 12:00 open Prosecco Cup Registration
13 Friday Shot Gun 12:00 families Family Cup Registration
21 Saturday Tee Off 8:00 open Polish Classic Registration
22 Sunday ladies Pearls, Putts and Polka Dots Registration
28-29 Saturday- Sunday Tee Off 11:00 open XXIV Mistrzostwa Łodzi Registration
3-4 Saturday- Sunday Tee off 10:00 open Cykl Królewski DOM Volvo Finał Registration
11 Saturday Tee off 11:00 open Łódź Trophy Rejestracja
15-16 Wednesday- Thursday Tee off 10:00 seniors XV Senior Golf Tour Finał Registration
18-19 Saturday- Sunday Tee Off 8:00 Members priority Club Championship 2021 Registration
24-26 Friday – Sunday Tee off 9:00 qualified Polish Masters Final
9 Saturday Tee off 10:00 open National Chamber of Commerce Tournament Registration
11 Thursday Shot Gun 10:00 open Independence Day Tournament Registration