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Junior Academy

Junior Academy

Golf - the best gift for life and life you can give your child!

Dear Parents,

Over the last 25 years I have had the privilege of teaching and playing golf all around the world. I have also been lucky enough to meet some of golf’s legendary names including arguably the greatest golfer of all time, Tiger Woods. The key to Tiger’s success was not only his determination to succeed but also the coaching he received. Without regular coaching throughout his high school years he couldn’t have possibly achieved what he has.

I very much hope that you will see the benefits of enrolling your child in such a program at our club and I look forward to meeting you personally.

Martyn Proctor – PGA Golf Professional

First Warsaw National Golf Academy Director


Of course, we can’t all become the next Tiger Woods, but this is your opportunity to give your child the chance to learn the greatest game of all. It’s a game that teaches honesty, self-control and patience, but above all it teaches us about ourselves, our behavior and respect for others.

Under the supervision of First Warsaw National Golf Academy Director, Martyn Proctor your child will learn all aspects of the game of golf in a friendly, fun and professional environment.

Accordingly we would like to invite your child to enroll in our Junior Academy which offers weekly classes every Saturday, as well as monthly tournaments.

The first stage of the Junior Academy is an Open Class where we will be assessing progress on a regular basis and the children showing the most potential will be invited to join the Master Class, which takes place every Tuesday evening.

Our aims and objectives

First and foremost is to have “fun”.

  • To offer children the opportunity to learn a sport for life
  • To interact with pupils from other schools
  • To break the boredom of summer holidays by competing in organised events
  • To give children a long term training program that could ultimately lead to:
    • Representing your country against other countries in Europe
    • A sporting scholarship to famous universities around the world
    • A career in professional golf, whether it be as a player or at a teaching academy
    • Opening many business opportunities as golf is the preferred game of the corporate world

Open Class     Saturdays     10.30 – 12.00

Cost 300 PLN per month


Master Class   Tuesdays     18.00 – 19.30

Cost 300 PLN per month

(All classes include unlimited range balls during lessons)

To sign your child please contact the reception.

Or contact me directly

Martyn Proctor
Academy Director
+48 575 555 238